After merrily telling you all I had BIG NEWS what did I do? I disappeared. I apologize to everyone who was waiting with baited breath to hear the BIG NEWS, but I’ve been sick. And not just a little bit sick-almost two weeks of a sore throat and a horrendous cough that had me pleading with Mr Kate Pearce to put me out of my misery. Two weeks of not sleeping, of coughing so loudly and for so long that all the muscles in my diaphragm seized up and got confused between coughing laughing and breathing, which meant -I just coughed.

A couple of nights ago, I left Mr K P sleeping at 1 a:m and went downstairs to sleep on the couch because I was coughing so much-being a considerate kind of person. I went back upstairs at 5:15 a.m and about twenty minutes later he THUMPED ME! He ‘says’ I sounded like a whale stranded on the beach and that he was just ‘helping me’ turn onto my side. (I had wondered who was making the groaning noise but thought it was the wind.) Needless to say I was not convinced by his explanation LOL.

Anyway, so last night was the first night I managed to sleep through and stay in my own bed for almost 2 weeks without coughing a lung up. I’m almost feeling better. I am a bit concerned about some of the tasks I completed last week in a medicated drugged up haze…Friends-did you all get your Xmas cards?? (especially JoAnn) If not, tell me now!!

I had done most all the Xmas shopping, thank goodness-I did that before I got sick and finished most of it today at the mall. The tree is finally up and the kids are happy-no one is sick so I’m hoping we’ll all be fine for the big day!!

Oh, and the BIG NEWS?? Kensington offered me a new contract for two more in the “Simply…” historical erotic romance series (#5 and #6) AND a contract for a contemporary erotic romance. That means I’ll be employed and busy until Feb 2010.
Considering the state of the economy and the dire warnings about book publishing in general, I consider myself a very lucky writer.

I also consider myself very lucky to know everyone who reads this blog, friends, family and fans. If you didn’t keep coming back to see what I’m up to and read my books, there wouldn’t be a blog or any new books to tell you about. So thank you all, and Happy Holidays to every one of you!
Kate xx