This book comes out on Feb 3rd! It’s taken a while and it’s been a while since I handed it over to my editor back in June 08. Here’s a little blurb about it 🙂

Rodeo cowboy Dakota Scott has a problem. His truck has broken down and he’s stranded in small town New Mexico. He’s due in San Francisco to star in a commercial for his half-brother’s boot company and hopes to God he’s going to make it. To complicate matters he’s picked up another stray, this time a woman who needs his help.
Robyn Sparrow is a washed-up celebrity, famous in the 90’s for being the youngest of three sisters who had their own TV show. Now she’s reached rock bottom. When she meets Dakota, she’s desperate enough to promise him any sexual favor simply to get a ride back to the West Coast.
While Dakota struggles to understand Robyn and comes to care for her, he unwittingly leads her back toward the spotlight that almost killed her. Can she resist the lure of Hollywood and can Dakota really believe she’d give it all up for love?

Despite his name, Dakota is related to Grayson and Jay Turner through Beau Turner. So we get to meet up with the other half-brothers and find out what’s been going on with them since they had their own books. I enjoyed writing this one. It reminded me of one of those old black and white movies starring Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant, with the snappy dialogue, the smoldering sexual tension and the ridiculous plotlines.

Anyway it was fun to write and it’s also full of hot sex-in case you were worried there for a moment! I’ve heard rumors that as it is the last of its line, some stores won’t have it on the shelves, but they will let you order it. Not ideal. Let me know if you have any problems finding it. I do know it’s available at all the usual online bookstores like Amazon etc!

I’ll be having a contest on Feb 3rd so remember to check back!

Kate x