Valentines Day with Mr. Kate Pearce

For the last month or so, Mr. Kate Pearce has been busy with the very important task of buying me a new car. And for some reason, it hasn’t been easy. the economy being what it is and car dealers being, um what they usually are x 6, getting a good deal with a trade-in seemed almost impossible at times.

Eventually, on Friday 13th, Mr Kate returned to BMW determined to get something done-or not. Before he went he made me pick out the colors I liked and then basically told me that most of my picks they wouldn’t have anyway. Eventually I told him (and I admit I was a leetle short with him LOL) that as long as it wasn’t silver or black or had a black interior I would be fine with it.

He calls me two hours later to tell me-he thought he had a deal, but that they put the wrong figures into the lease rate-so he didn’t. At this point I’m fairly chill about it all, I reckon buying a car is a bit like buying a house, bad stuff happens and the fates are involved and if it’s meant to be it will be. (Just call me cliche woman, okay?)

He comes home all gutted and sad so I cheer him up, and promise to buy him breakfast or dinner on Valentines Day. The next day, we go out to one of our favorite breakfast places and he gets a call from BMW. Several conversations later, he thinks he’s got the car he wanted (sorry I wanted) and the deal to go with it.

I’m still dubious because as I said, stuff happens, so we clear out the old car and take it up to BMW…and it all worked out!!!
I have a nice BMW X5 with the extra seats in the back so that I can take the whole family out together!
The funny thing was that Mr Kate Pearce told me he had hoped to get the deal done on the Friday and have them deliver it to me as a surprise for Valentines Day on the Saturday-what a sweetie 🙂

Cowboy Contest Winners!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered-I wish I had enough books to give you all one.

But the winners are:

First Prize: copies of all 3 books:

Second Prize; a copy of Riding the Line

Third Prize: a copy of Riding the Line

And an extra copy of Riding the Line to TAMIC for reminding me to get this posted 🙂

Please email me at
and give me your snail mail addresses.

Please note: if the winners don’t contact me by Feb 14th, I’ll choose another poster.

Kate xx

‘Riding the Line’ Big Cowboy giveaway contest!!

Riding The LineYehaw!!
Welcome to my blog and my contest to win some cowboy goodies.

First Prize; Copies of all 3 of the Cowboy books! And a sweet cowboy themed charm bracelet.

Second and Third prizes-copies of Riding the Line

Just leave a comment here and I’ll pick a winner at random by February 9th.
Good luck!

Where have all the Cowboys Gone?Roping the Wind