This has been a good couple of weeks.

I finally sent book #4 “Simply Wicked” to my editor-15 days late but he was okay about that. He read it over the weekend and loved it, so we are all set to go on that one! It was a little intimidating to see it already up on amazon before I’d even finished it, but I’m glad to get such a quick turnaround.

And ‘Simply Wicked’ was an interesting book to write. It’s about Valentin’s half-brother Lord Anthony Sokorvsky, who has been in all the Simply books so far and has created a great deal of interest among my readers. Anthony’s had a tough few years and helping him to find himself, and love proved to be a challenge within the fabled romance boundaries. But, hey. I always break those rules anyway, so I hope you all find his ‘happy ever after’ as romantic and satisfying and honest as I did. It’s out in October.

Other publishing news. I’ve heard from Ellora’s Cave that “Secured Mail” will be coming out in print, which was a nice surprise! I’ll get a proper link up as soon as it appears on the Jasmine-Jade site. I know some of you prefer the printed version to the e-version. And in a reverse announcement, I’ve also been told that “Simply Sinful” will come out in various e-formats soon as well. Again, as soon as I know, you will know.

We also got 2 new kitties!! After my daughter (who has a very vivid imagination, no idea where that came from, cough, cough) merrily told all the cat ladies in my hometown that I let my last cat run away and set my dog on him (all untrue, I swear. It was the cat who attacked the dog.) I’d begun to despair of ever being allowed to own a cat again.

In a desperate effort to avoid 6 more months of me searching for ‘the one’ Mr Kate Pearce gallantly offered to come with me to the next city and check out the ARF cats. I’d already been on their website and there were a few I liked the look of. One of the cats looked rather like Nick Nolte in his infamous DUI mug shot, so I knew I had to see him.

So we met George, the drunk looking one and he was adorable, a 1 yr old blue mackerel tabby. He was sharing his luxurious abode with Owen, a long haired black cat who had come in with him from the same shelter. It was obvious that these 2 loved each other to bits and Mr KP, who took a fancy to Owen, suggested we not break up the happy pair and that we adopt them both.

(I know Mr KP looks like he is holding an offensive weapon in this picture-he is normally quite sweet, honestly)

Of course I was thrilled by this 🙂 And so they came home with us. And so the trouble began…good trouble though. Owen, now renamed Chowder by everyone else (I call him Mr Binks but don’t tell them) is a complete nutcase. He’s also totally fascinated by my dog. My dog is terrified of him-the big wussy, and starts hyperventilating every time Chowder wants to wash his face for him. George (as he shall remain as he is my familiar) is the quiet evil one. I like him-a lot.

More pictures of the cats soon, I promise, and more good news on the publishing front too-I hope

Here’s the link for the print edition of “Secured Mail