I just thought I’d share three early reviews for Simply Shameless which comes out at the beginning of May.
Here’s a quick blurb if you’ve forgotten what this one is about:

In escaping the horrors of the French Revolution, Helene Delornay leaves behind her not only her past as a Bastille whore, but her bastard child. Determined to succeed in England, she does not expect to be overwhelmed by the erotic charms of Philip Ross, a young aristocrat returning from India to fulfill his reluctant duty to his family. After a night of passion, his unexpected offer, forces Helene to reveal her unsavory past and drive him away.
Eighteen years later, Philip is a recent widower and Helene has become the Madame of a select fee-paying London pleasure house where every erotic dream can become a reality. While Helene tries to tempt the now dour Philip into sexual excess, he struggles to ignore his reawakened desire for her and his dark fascination with the erotic fantasies she offers him. As they explore the boundaries of their shared taste for the exotic and unusual, Helene realizes that in Philip she has truly met her perfect sexual match. Now all she has to decide is what on earth to do with him…

And here are the reviews so far 🙂
Coffee Time Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Simply irresistible is what I believe describes this book to
perfection. The eroticism in the pleasure house is sure to inspire the
most delicious fantasies which are enacted by sumptuously decadent
characters. Helene is as commanding, charming, and elegant as Philip,
and together they literally burst with passion. This is certainly one
of the most intelligently written erotic love stories on the market, and
I will be clamoring to read more from Kate Pearce.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Romantic Times
4 stars

The passion of Pearce’s erotic tale is focused and intense from the couple’s first encounter to their reunion years later. Their sex encounters and fantasies, which include M/M, steam up the pages.

Summary: Fleeing her life as a sexual plaything for Bastille guards, Helene Delornay discovers her deep sensuality when she’s stranded with Philip Ross, a young Englishman who’s well schooled in the erotic arts. Eighteen years later, they meet again. She now oversees London’s most exclusive house of pleasure, and he’s an emotionless widower.

—M.H. Morrison

Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR)

Reviewer: Marcy Arbitman
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

Kate Pearce is an extremely proficient author who writes both historical and
contemporary novels. I always know that she will bring me a terrific read.
Helene and Philip were well-written characters, whose places in this
excellent plot were phenomenal.
There are many other books in this genre by Ms. Pearce and I plan to read
them. I highly recommend Kate Pearce’s books!

And watch out at the end of April, when I’ll be holding a contest on my blog to win copies of all 3 Simply books, including this one!