Contest to win Simply Shameless!

simply shameless

To celebrate the release of the third in the ‘Simply’ series, Simply Shameless, I’m giving away some prizes!

Comment on my blog before May 8th and you might win:

First Prize
A complete set of the available Simply books, (Sexual, Sinful and Shameless) and a copy of Pleasurable Bargains, the forerunner to this series from Ellora’s Cave. All signed by me.

Second and Third Prizes
A signed copy of Simply Shameless.

I’ll announce the winners on my blog on May 9th so come back and check out whether you’ve won!

Kate x

Look at all the loveliness around you!

Frauke from Croco Designs has been working away like a crazy woman remaking my website into the thing of beauty you see before you. I write in so many different sub-genres that getting a site to reflect them all wasn’t easy and in its earlier incarnation, proved to be hard work for dear Mr. Kate Pearce, (who would like to mention he does have a real job), to look after. And quite frankly, I felt bad nagging Mr KP to fix stuff when I knew it was the last thing he wanted to do after a hard day selling vacuum cleaners door to door. (just kidding darling).
So I took him out to breakfast and fired him. He seemed quite relieved and is very impressed with Frauke’s work. Of course as a techno-phobe I’m terrified I’ll break it now…so fingers crossed that when I press send it all doesn’t disappear.
-Let me know if you like the new look!
-pop back on Friday, May 1st for a big Contest to celebrate the release of Simply Shameless
-feel free to wander around the site and enjoy it. 🙂
-let me know if you see Simply Shameless in any stores!

Ooh look at me!

I entered ‘Simply Sinful’ into the 4th Annual Passionate Plume contest, figuring that if I didn’t do okay in a contest specifically for erotic romance novels I might as well give up. LOL But, hey-I finaled! Judging from the very excellent competition this might be my finest moment ever. I’ll find out at the RWA conference in July-that’s a long time to bite my fingernails…

I’m getting so fancy these days-a new book out in a couple of weeks (Simply Shameless -excerpt and cover will be up on the main page soon) and a fabulous new website design coming up as well!

I can’t wait…

My new cats :)

As promised a better picture of my two new cats.

George is on the left and Chowder is on the right. They are both long-haired and about a year old. George has golden eyes and Chowder’s are bright green Despite their different looks we are convinced they are brothers. They love each other dearly and play fight and then lick each others hurts all at the same time.

Mouse count so far: 3/4 (I took the last one away from them-spoilsport)

This weekend-the brave new world of outside! (gulp)

Let’s hope they decide to come back. We’re all very fond of them already, although they are crazy mad. But that works in our house. The only resident (apart from the mice) who is not so keen on them is Hunter my dog. Despite the fact that he is twice their size, they terrify him. Hopefully they’ll all get along soon LOL