As promised a better picture of my two new cats.

George is on the left and Chowder is on the right. They are both long-haired and about a year old. George has golden eyes and Chowder’s are bright green Despite their different looks we are convinced they are brothers. They love each other dearly and play fight and then lick each others hurts all at the same time.

Mouse count so far: 3/4 (I took the last one away from them-spoilsport)

This weekend-the brave new world of outside! (gulp)

Let’s hope they decide to come back. We’re all very fond of them already, although they are crazy mad. But that works in our house. The only resident (apart from the mice) who is not so keen on them is Hunter my dog. Despite the fact that he is twice their size, they terrify him. Hopefully they’ll all get along soon LOL