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‘Give it away now…’


I recently got some copies of this book in print for the first time and I’ve love to give one away to someone. So if you comment this week, it might be you 🙂

This is one of my crazy futuristic intergalactic viking stories. The ones where I really don’t get into the angst and the darkness of the Regencies or the ‘issues’ of the contemporaries. These are just a good old sexual romp, fun to write and not too hard on the brain.

Here’s a quick blurb:

SECURED MAIL is a book you definitely don’t want to miss!
5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews

Sven Magnusson is stuck on Earth sexually serving his queen and dealing with a culture where women don’t seem to want a man’s protection. As he struggles to understand Earth females, the queen encourages him to get laid. Of course, Thea Cooper, the only woman who appeals to him, thinks men are useful for one thing and on a one-night-only basis. Despite their clash of sexual cultures and the fury of their heated erotic encounters, can Sven find a way to convince Thea that she belongs with him on Planet Valhalla?
(for more info on this book and series go here)

Note: Though this book can be read as a stand alone, it is the sequel to Planet Mail. Contains ménage scenes.


A Whole New World

In Publishers Weekly today:

Kate Pearce’s The Tudor Vampire Chronicles, a series of Vampire romances dealing with the complicated supernatural lives of the queens of King Henry VIII, and the real reasons why some of them survived and some of them died, to Tracy Bernstein at NAL, in a nice deal, for three books, by Deidre Knight at The Knight Agency (world).

Yup-that’s me folks, branching out into mass market paranormal romance! These books will certainly be super-hot but ‘slightly’ different to my Aphrodisia’s which, as anyone who has read one knows, border on erotica. I’ve always been fascinated by The Tudor period and studied it as part of my history degree, so hopefully the history will be solid.

If all goes well, and I can write fast enough, you will start to see these books in late 2010-which probably sounds like forever, but in publishing terms is very fast. At the moment, I get to keep my Kate Pearce name-we’ll see if that stays the same, but if I change it, I’ll let you all know LOL

A Hint of Wicked

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this book early and for the first time in a long while I was so worried about the outcome that I had to take a peek at the end! Jennifer Haymore does a great job of presenting a seemingly impossible situation and making all the characters sympathetic. She also makes them work things out together, (something that is very dear to my own writerly heart.) Thank you for doing that, Jennifer and for not making it easy for any of them-yes I like tormented characters big time.

Buy it here You won’t regret it!

It’s also available as a Kindle special for $1.99! go here