In Publishers Weekly today:

Kate Pearce’s The Tudor Vampire Chronicles, a series of Vampire romances dealing with the complicated supernatural lives of the queens of King Henry VIII, and the real reasons why some of them survived and some of them died, to Tracy Bernstein at NAL, in a nice deal, for three books, by Deidre Knight at The Knight Agency (world).

Yup-that’s me folks, branching out into mass market paranormal romance! These books will certainly be super-hot but ‘slightly’ different to my Aphrodisia’s which, as anyone who has read one knows, border on erotica. I’ve always been fascinated by The Tudor period and studied it as part of my history degree, so hopefully the history will be solid.

If all goes well, and I can write fast enough, you will start to see these books in late 2010-which probably sounds like forever, but in publishing terms is very fast. At the moment, I get to keep my Kate Pearce name-we’ll see if that stays the same, but if I change it, I’ll let you all know LOL