I’ve been on vacation with my family-and I survived!! Mr Kate Pearce drove about a 1000 miles, round trip with 2 teenage sons, a 7 year old daughter, my mother and me. And we all returned still speaking to each other!

We stopped off in San Diego for three days, took in Sea World and the Midway battleship, before heading out to Las Vegas, where my mother from the UK had never been and always wanted to go. When we arrived, it was about 105 degrees and I think she was a bit dubious, but after a day she got a bit more used to it. She won $38 on the slot machines from a 25c bet, saw the Hoover Dam in 114 degree heat and ate like a queen. She also fell in love with the fountains as Bellagio, so dragged us all out regularly to see them LOL.

I managed to find a whole Tadashi dress shop in the Forum shops of Caesar Palace, and ended up buying another dress…bad but so worth it!

But I’m glad to be home and I’m ready to get on with the next book entitled “Simply VI” All I know at the moment is that it is about Lisette Delornay-Ross, Helene and Philip’s daughter. It’s due in October so I’d better get a move on!

Anyone else been on vacation or going?