One day when I have reached the dizzy heights of best romance author IN THE WORLD, there are a few things I intend to do with my crazy superstar life. I thought you might enjoy hearing some of the wackiest ideas I’ve had so far, because hey, if you’re really really famous you get to do what you like, right?

Today I’m sharing some of the thoughts I’ve had for my back yard-which will be BIG.


1. In the backyard of my fabulous mega-mansion set on the hills of a remote lake in Italy, I want the Bellagio Fountains from Las Vegas, (or their equivalent) At 6 p.m. every night a gong will sound and all the drapes and windows leading out onto my fabulous patio and pool area will miraculously open to reveal-the fountains and the music of my choice. Fabulous, right? And totally appropriate for a romance writer.


2. When the fountains aren’t going during the daytime, I figure I’ll need something else to entertain my guests, so every hour there will be a show from some synchronized swimmers, and maybe, depending on quite how crazy I feel, a few dolphins or Shamu thrown in. Maybe even Michael Phelps…


3. I love Gnomes, I have no idea why. I believe I’ll blame my next door neighbors in London who had some that I loved when I was a kid. I also understand that many people hate garden gnomes and throw them out when they purchase a property-horrors! I propose to set up a Gnome sanctuary in my vast estates, where people can leave their unwanted gnomes and be sure that they will be safe with someone who loves them, that they will receive regular upkeep, a fresh coat of paint and security for ever more…


4. Now this one is for when I finally go off my rocker and yes, I know it’s not pc or okay, etc etc and I’d never really do it, but, ever since I was a kid, and I totally blame PG Tips Tea for this one, I’ve wanted a chimpanzee, a little girl one in a frock so we can wear matching outfits and go out together hand in hand.

I also suspect that this is the one that will finally make Mr Kate Pearce have me committed to the loony bin…

So, dear readers, what would you all do if you could have the craziest lifestyle ever?