1. I have never climbed Mount Everest and I have no intention of ever doing so. I don’t like the cold.

2. I have never seen the following movies: Titanic, Dirty Dancing, or Spiderman.

3. I have never cooked a piece of beef, lamb or pork. I stopped eating red meat when I was about 18 and have never regretted it. If they want it, my hubby and kids have to get take out or cook it themselves.

4. I have never been to Scotland, despite living in England for more than 30 years of my life. I only went to Ireland for the first time this year.

5. I have never had a tattoo, but that might change.

6. I have never gone up in a hot air balloon-I would like to, but I have skydived.

7. I have never won a RITA from Romance Writers of America.

8. I have never dyed my hair blond-pink and black, yes, but never blond.

9. I have never ridden a camel or an elephant. I’d like to try both.

10. I have never been to an NFL game or a baseball, but I have seen MLS and watched cricket and football in the UK.

What have you never done?