A few weeks ago I was waiting at the hairdressers while son #3 was having all his lovely blond hair cut off, and I started reading People magazine. A few pages in I saw this ad. I can’t quite remember what the product was because of the guy in the picture. It was the first image I’d ever seen that reminded me of Valentin Sokorvsky from the first Simply book, Simply Sexual.

I have to tell you something…Valentin is still my favorite hero. I want to write at least another book about him because he simply intrigues me, and I know I haven’t really discovered all the fascinating hang-ups of his complex personality. I love all my heroes, even Lord Minshom and yet Val is the one I’d most like to meet.

So, you can imagine that I was thrilled to see an image of him. I checked the date on the People magazine but it was brand new, so I couldn’t bring myself to pinch the ad or to ask if I could have it because, then I would’ve looked weird. I went home and tried to google the ad but I couldn’t find it online anywhere. I resigned myself to never seeing that gorgeous face again.

Then last week I opened a thread on RWAOnline and there he was…the same guy, in a different ad, but it was definitely him!
pic of Valentin
Okay, so not absolutely him, but the facial structure and the eyes? Very Valentin.
I know that some of you will now be disagreeing with me as your image of Valentin isn’t the same as mine at all-I know how that feels. it’s like when a film casts someone who looks nothing like the character in your head.
This is Oriol Elcacho, btw, just in case you’d like to go and check out some other pictures of him 😉
Oops I just accidentally ‘stumbled’ on another picture of him 🙂
val 2