Apologies for non-appearance of new blog on Monday. My daughter was sick and I had to concentrate on being a mother for a few days. She seems fine now 🙂

I’m busy writing the Tudor Vamps and checking page proofs for Simply Insatiable.

Just for laughs, here’s a picture of me surrounded by my 5 sisters-I am 4 of 6-yes, the forgotten middle child. I’m not sure what I was going for in that dress, I look as wide as a bus in those stripes! At 5ft 6 I’m also the shortest and the only one with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. The others all have blue/grey eyes and not all of them are natural blondes… (just sayin’)

ceri's wedding

btw-if you are looking for a bargain price copy of “Where have all the Cowboys gone?” Try this link for Barnes & Noble 🙂