As a legal alien enjoying living in the USA I have come to appreciate Thanksgiving- a lot. So here is a list of people I would like to give thanks to:


1. Mr. Kate Pearce and my 4 kids. They put up with me being a writer, what more can I say?

2. My friends and family who also put up with me because they love me.

3. Romance Divas, RWAOnline and the Beaumonde who provide support, excellent advice and sometimes a shoulder to cry on.

4. The Hot Writer Babes. Amy, Dana and Susan, my local writers group, who are invaluable at putting me right (even when I don’t like it :)) when I make one of my many writing mistakes.

5. My special writer friends, Mel, Maria, Louisa, Crystal, Rowan, Robin, Lauren, April and Jane. You keep me sane-I think.

6. The Aphrodisia authors-what a great group!

7. My agent Deidre Knight and all the staff at TKA, my editors, past present and future; John Scognamiglio, Brianna St James, Adam Nevill and Tracy Bernstein. I hope you all keep wanting me to write books.

8. And most importantly- my readers-yes you wonderful people who read my books and let me know that you enjoy them-I appreciate every single one of you.