Today Simply #5 is out and its hero, Lord Minshom, is a man who has already stirred some controversy among my readers. Several people have written to me asking why I decided to write about him, or would want to!

When I was writing ‘Simply Wicked’ I realized well before the end of the book that Lord Minshom was going to let Anthony get away from him and this interested me-a lot. Once I had that thought in my head, it was easy to write Lord Minshom’s book, (which continues just 4 weeks after the end of ‘Wicked). And, as soon as Jane, his wife, appeared and demanded that he listen to her and come home, I knew there was a lot to discover.

It was a hard book to write because of the subject matter, but I wanted to show how Minshom’s past affected him through our modern understanding all of the long lasting effects of any kind of abuse. But while showing us that, I didn’t want him to change or make him a victim. And, of course, he doesn’t do pyscho-babble or believe that he can do anything but simply endure and get through it.

Some reviewers haven’t liked him-even at the end. For me, he came to represent some very heroic characteristics. He learned to love again, he let go of his anger and he refused to carry on the cycle of abuse-and that for me, was a very big thing.

Let me know how you liked the book 🙂

I’m giving away 3 copies today to blog commentators.
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Interesting stuff about the Tudor Vampires series

While we’re all still anticipating the launch of Kiss of the Rose book #1 in the Tudor Vampire Chronicles on August 3rd, (well, I’m anticipating it!) I’m just finishing writing book #2. The basic premise of the series is to cover one of King Henry VIII’s wives in each book. So the first book involves Queen Katherine of Aragon, Henry’s first wife.

The second book will feature the lady pictured above, Anne Boleyn, probably one of the best known of Henry’s queens. A woman who has inspired numerous works of fiction, films and scholarly reviews. The book will also feature the same hero and heroine, Christopher Ellis and Rosalind Llewellyn, from book #1. It was fun to revisit these two and other characters from book #1.

I can’t tell you a lot about book #2 yet, other than it will be called Blood of the Rose and that it will come out in February 2011. We’re currently talking about the cover and back cover copy, which happens very early on in the process. I can tell you that it is good though, and that I’m very pleased with it.

Here’s Showtime’s “The Tudor’s” version of Anne, just to compare. 🙂