Ooh I love it when I get to share a new cover with you all! This is for Simply Forbidden which is book #6 in the House of Pleasure series. It’s about Lisette Delornay, Helene and Philip’s daughter and the enigmatic Major Lord Gabriel Swanfield, one of my more reasonable heroes. The book comes out in February 2011.

Here’s a blurbette:

Lisette Delornay-Ross is used to belonging to two worlds-her father Philip’s aristocratic circles and her mother, Helene’s more risqué sexual empire. When she meets Major Lord Gabriel Swanfield, she is instantly attracted to him and more than willing to engage in her usual brand of flirtation. Scarred both physically and mentally by his sojourn in the Peninsular army, Gabriel lives a solitary existence on the fringes of London society.

Although he is willing to indulge Lisette in an erotic affair, Gabriel has surprisingly strong views about marriage. But despite herself, Lisette understands Gabriel’s conventional desires all too well. Should she give into his demands and become the perfect society wife he thinks he wants, or try and persuade him otherwise? As both of them try to provide the other with what they believe is the answer to their dilemma, they discover that love has a way of making the most unconventional of lifestyles work after all.