How to make a pretty part 2 :)

Are you all ready for part 2?

1. So here are all the little drawers that go in the front of the box all pasted on and with a top coat of glue to hold them firmly in place.

2. Next seal/glue the bottom of the box about three coats is best.

3. A completed side, glued into place and with at least 3 coats of sealing glue to smooth out the rough parts. How much glue you use to seal the box depends on the thickness of the paper you used. its almost impossible to get the whole surface exactly the same and sometimes when you use a wallpaper border like this, you get a nice 3-D effect instead.

4. This is actually the top of the box laid on its side, so that you can see the details. When picking paper, look for something that has a lot of usable images both large and small.

5. Here’s the front-the lines aren’t completely straight but that’s because its home made LOL and its a bit busy and crazy because that’s how I like it. 🙂 Using those big strips of border paper on the edges covers up the nails as well.

6. Ta-da! The view from the side-sorry about the glare.

And that’s how you do it-easy eh? I hope they like it. 🙂

How to make a pretty :)

I’ve always loved to do crafty things and my favorite, because I’m not that great an artist but I’m a whizz with a pair of scissors, some paint and a pot of glue is decoupage. which basically means ‘adult cutting sticking and licking’
So here’s how I made this box for an upcoming baby shower. 🙂

1. Here’s the box in its flat pack state straight from IKEA. I got Mr KP to put it together for me and then I sanded it down to make it all smooth and easy to paint.

2. Here’s the wallpaper border I’m going to be using and the cherry red acrylic paint that will go on as the base coat of the box.

3. The red paint goes onto the wood. I usually do about 3 coats.

4. I use 2 different brushes, one for the edges and one for the bigger sides. I use the same brushes to glue and to paint for continuity of brush strokes. I also use a piece of damp natural sponge to add a top coat to break up the base. It makes it easier to add the cut out images.

5. Here’s what the surface looks like when I’ve added the sponge paint effect.

6. Now I’m going to cut out as many bits as I can from the wallpaper border and play with them on the surfaces of the box and the drawers until I get an effect that I like.

More tomorrow!!