Sometimes you write a book and despite your best efforts, that book doesn’t get picked up by a traditional publisher. Sometimes, and especially with the first two or three books I wrote, this was a good thing. 🙂 But while I was writing Educating Elizabeth I knew several things: 1. I’d come a long way with my ability to plot. 2. I’d written a couple of characters that other readers fell in love with and 3.that I was always disappointed that this book didn’t find a publisher. I really wanted to share it with readers as it was the kind of book I loved to read and increasingly haven’t been able to find,

Fast forward a few years and all the new e-readers burst on the scene and suddenly there was Amazon Kindle offering writers a free way to publish their own books. I admit I was skeptical about the quality of that collective outpouring of product, but I decided to try it out with a short story “The Ties That Bind” for 99 cents. To my surprise, that story sold quite well and the process of uploading it was very simple.

So this year when I had a few spare moments, I dug out my file for ‘Educating Elizabeth’ and started to go through it with the thought of self-publishing it. To my surprise, I still liked it. There was a lot to fix and trim though, but that was a good thing. 🙂 I also got an outside editor to go through it for errors and someone to design me a cover. My aim was to produce a finished book that didn’t look as if I’d just written it and slung it up on the internet to make lots of cash. LOL. I also have severe techno fear so although I had a great self-formatting guide from Nadia Lee, I ended up asking her to format the book for me for all the different e-publishing sites of which there are four main ones (Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, AllRomance ebooks and Smashwords who distribute to Apple, Sony and Kobo) each with different requirements.

And voila! a book!
It’s not an erotic historical like the Simply’s with lots of sex and angst, so if that if what you love, this book might not be for you :). It’s more of a traditional steamy Regency with a half-French duke who is not what he seems, and a feisty over-educated and very frank heroine who has no compunction in asking the awkward questions that most gently bred Regency ladies would avoid. There’s a plot to assassinate a member of the Royal family, codes to break and a steamy love story all wrapped up in a satisfying ending. I enjoyed writing it immensely and I hope you will all enjoy it too. 🙂