I’m excited to tell you all that I have a new book out today called Redeeming Jack, which is the second part of the Regency historical series I’m self-publishing. The first was Educating Elizabeth.

Here’s the blurb 🙂

Disowned and disinherited by his aristocratic family, Jack Llewelyn survives on his wits and his ability to nurse officers returning from the Napoleonic Wars. He is prepared to go to any lengths to clear his name, but fate, and the Duke of Diable Delamere, have different plans for Jack. Soon, he will be hunting a missing spy, discovering old family secrets, and risking his life pursuing a woman who has changed beyond recognition Only then will he be able to face his lost love, ask her forgiveness and finally deserve his very happy ending.

I love this story which is very old-skool romance with a big plot, misunderstandings, smugglers, spies and beautiful feisty ladies.

It will eventually be available through all the digital outlet and is currently already up on kindle! at $4.99