New series-New Cover :)The Sinners Club

The Sinners Club

Where it’s better to be bad…
The Sinners Club.

Unsure of his reception, Jack Lennox adopts the guise of his own secretary upon returning to his ancestral family home to claim his father’s earldom. When he arrives, he’s stunned to discover the previous earl’s lovely young widow, a woman of beguiling curves and sensual smiles, warming the bed…

Mary Lennox is determined to remain in Pinchbeck Hall and a mere secretary isn’t going to tell her otherwise. But Jack Smith is a man of many talents and soon she’s succumbing to his erotic games of pleasure. Only Mary may have underestimated the intensity of her wanton longings and the depths of Jack’s dark desires…

December 31st 2013
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN 9780758290175

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