House of Pleasure / Simply Series

Historical Erotic Romance

No fantasy is too wild for Madame Helene’s Pleasure House — a brothel in Regency England where forbidden desires are more than welcome…

Kate Pearce knows how to write erotically-charged romance. While not all of her books are erotic in nature, she has a knack for writing some of the hottest historical romance that I’ve ever read. I was hooked on Pearce from the moment that I read Eden’s Pleasure and Antonia’s Bargain, two connected stories featuring the Harcourt twins and their lady loves.

Eden’s Pleasure and Antonia’s Bargain are romances that are related to the Simply (a.k.a. House of Pleasure) series, one of my favorite historical romance series. The series consists of nine books about the sexual escapades of the lords and ladies in Regency England. Simply Sexual is the first book in the series and is the story of Lord Valentin Sokorvsky, a one-time sex slave in a Turkish brothel. Valentin has no sexual boundaries and proves to be a challenge for Sara Harrison. Simply Sinful is the second book in the series and features Peter Howard, who was enslaved with Valentin in the Turkish brothel. Peter meets Abigail Beecham, a woman determined to find a man to fulfill her sexual desires. One of the most fascinating relationships of the entire series is that of Valentin and Peter who are more than friends.

The House of Pleasure books are filled with sexual pleasures of every type. There are menages, male/male sexual interactions, kink and BDSM to name a few. These erotic moments are integral to each of the books as the characters explore their deep-seated desires. Don’t miss Pearce’s recent novella set in this world, Simply Pleasure, a set of short stories about Peter and Valentin’s early years.

Jennifer Porter

Heroes and

Simply Pleasure

Book 0.5

Simply Sexual Mass Market Paperback Cover

Book 1

Simply Sinful Mass Market Paperback Cover

Book 2

Simply Shameless

Book 3

Simply Wicked

Book 4

Simply Insatiable

Book 5

Simply Forbidden

Book 6

Simply Carnal

Book 7

Simply Voracious

Book 8

Simply Scandalous

Book 9

Simply Irresistible

Book 9.5

How did your idea for „House of Pleasure“ start?

It was quite odd really. There was a discussion on a Regency loop I belong to about British ships being set upon by Barbary pirates and the women being taken into slavery. I thought about this, and I wondered what if it were two boys who were taken? How would they survive in a Turkish brothel, and what would happen if they were rescued as adults and brought back to England? And then Lord Valentin Sokorvsky turned up in my head, swiftly followed by his friend, Peter Howard, and I started to write the first book, Simply Sexual.

At the time there wasn’t that much out there in this format, so I had no idea if I would be able to sell such a book which had elements of a former sexual relationship between these two men. It also had one of those men, Peter still in love with the other, which caused all sorts of tension with the plot. I’m actually quite proud that I was one of the first authors to get male/male love scenes into my traditionally published New York books.

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